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In Memory of First Nation People

The human suffering of our ancestors is deeply embedded in the collective consciousness of society. Peace in Canada is unattainable if our ancestors are still suffering and crying.

In recent years, we have witnessed increased turbulence and calamities in our society. Tensions have been rising due to systemic racism, escalating violence, and a loss of trust, love, and respect for one another. It makes us wonder: “How did we get here?”


We believe that the spiritual trauma of our forefathers impacts our current collective consciousness. Embedded in our shared consciousness is the violent genocide of Indigenous peoples. Generations of spiritual trauma lingers in the material world we live in, affecting our shared spiritual mindset, or collective ego coding. Today, the unresolved pains of our ancestors are being repeated once again, as our country struggles with racial equality and national unity.


Through the Goma Fire Project, we wish to serve and honor our ancestors to encourage positive steps towards world peace. We owe our Indigenous forefathers an extraordinary legacy of strength, resilience, and empowerment. We cannot achieve stability and harmony in our country if our ancestors are still suffering and crying.

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