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New Temple Construction

We are holding a long-term project to build a new Agon Shu Buddhist Temple in Ontario. 

Currently, our temple is settled in an office building. Accordingly, we have been unable to fulfill our religious needs and expectations due to the following limitations:

  • Prohibition of the Use of Fire in the Property

Since there is no range hood ventilation system available in our building, we have never been able to perform our main rituals. We believe the fire is essential for our mission and drastically enhances the effectiveness of our rites. Thus, we seek to have a new building where we can perform our fire rituals on a monthly basis.

  • Space Limitation

As our temple is an office, our property is undoubtedly not suited for inviting several visitors and members on ceremony days. Moreover, we do not have enough storage and space for our visitors to unwind. Since the experience and privacy of our visitors and members are our utmost concern, and we wish to have more participants in our Buddhist rituals, we seek to have a building with a larger space.

  • Inability to Cook in Our Property

As mentioned above, we do not have the range hood ventilation system installed in our building. This is to say that we are unable to provide quality cooking opportunities for our members although we would like to. We believe cooking and serving are basic rights of our members and so do we need a new property where those rights can be fulfilled. 

As for the location, we plan to build our new temple in a sub-rural area in the northwest or northeast of Toronto.


Below are some of the reasons for this plan:

  • Territory in the sub-rural area is more affordable than in GTA;

  • Most individuals residing in Toronto city can still reach the area within one or one-and-a-half hours of drive;

  • The area may be suitable for those who would like to unwind, meditate, connect with nature or make a small escape from life and focus on in-temple esoteric practices;

  • We will be free from the limitations mentioned above and meet our needs.

If you would like to donate to this long-term project, we deeply appreciate your support.

Click the button below if you would like to make a contribution.

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