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Gomagi Photo - Stick of Homa


 The Sacred Prayer Stick of Homa

Our temple offers Gomagi for individuals to write down their wishes or prayers for deceased ones.

Gomagi Prayer Sticks serve the function of symbolizing one’s earthly desires and bringing a godsent solution or bliss in response to the wishes written on them. You can write your personal wishes or ancestral prayers on them, and they will be offered in the sacred flame known as Homa or Goma. 

Personal Prayer Stick Gomagi Prayer Stick of Homa Buddhism

This way, your ambitions shall fuel the Homa (the Sacred Fire of Buddha’s Wisdom), and shall this fire obliterate the source of your suffering and have your prayers answered in ideal ways in the eyes of Buddha. 

Personal Wish

Hard work is essential if success is your aspiration. Similarly, any effort to solve your problems or illness is crucial. Yet, neither hard work, talent nor efforts alone can bring the aspiration to reality. Luck weighs the same importance as one’s talent and endeavour, and so does it need to be nourished like a seedling of a flowering tree. The personal prayer sticks are stamped and blessed to help you gain your luck for your success, a solution to your problem, and your overall ambition. If what you wish for is something unachievable solely through human means, Buddha and other divine forces will carry out their duties regardless of the difficulty scale of your ambition. 

Gomagi.personal.wish png.png

Ancestral Prayers

While the personal prayer stick serves its role of helping your wish come true through divine support and luck, the ancestral (or memorial) prayer stick is committed to shining down Buddha’s light of salvation on your deceased ancestors and deceased people. Since your fate has a gigantic relationship with your ancestry, and so does your luck, soothing your deceased ancestors’ sufferings in the posthumous realm is equivalent to brightening your luck. Therefore, by tending to your ancestors through this ancestral prayer, you can strengthen your luck and prosperity. Should you be faced with a problem or should your love seek your ancestral salvation, faithfully write your offer on the sacred ancestral prayer stick. If you would like to send prayers to a specific deceased person or people, you can also write on this Gomagi.

Gomagi How to write gomagi prayer stick of homa japanese buddhism

Each prayer stick costs only $1 (tax included).

Come visit our temple to write on your Gomagi.

If you cannot pay your visit and write in person, we can write down your wishes or prayers on your behalf. For that, please send us an email with your wish(es), name(s), and age(s) along with the e-Transfer with the respective fee.   

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