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Our Mission

Awakening the Buddhahood in Humanity

          Humanity has rarely, in its existence, achieved absolute harmony and peace in this world. If we look back to our history, humans have not only devastated our precious nature and other species but also massacred each other and created calamitous conflicts on a great range of scales. Even in the present, despite the expeditious advancements in technology and science, we still find ourselves lost in a neverending sea with countless waves of predicaments, the thunderbolts of fear and distress strike every now and then, and the dark clouds of despair conquer the heavens. Individuals who have mastered rationality and attained cutting-edge knowledge assume that they are capable of eliminating earthly problems through human means. Yet, we see them mired in complete delusion and ignorance. Mortal knowledge and reasoning bond to materialism is incomparable to a single droplet of divine wisdom and thus is incapable of purging our suffering. Instead, they create new waves of woes after repelling the other. In this permanent mortal agony, there is only one key which can bring us closer to peace and harmony. That is the Buddhahood or “higher self.” Therefore, guiding humanity to attain this key is our ultimate mission.

          The Buddhahood or “higher self” lays deep beneath all layers of our consciousness and takes its presence within all sentient beings without exception. Buddhahood, also known as Aspiration for Enlightenment, Buddha Nature, Tathagatagarbha and Busshou, is the essential or actual nature of the mind, the ultimate essence of existence that is known as the seed of enlightenment. With its infinite conscientiousness and love, not only does it stand beyond space and time but is also immovable, eternal and unshaken, neither having a beginning nor end in all the worlds and universes. It seeks the purest way of life on Earth and its ascension to great spiritual heights to become buddhas.

          However, one big cage imprisons this lofty core, and that is ego-consciousness or illusion. It lies within our subconsciousness and buries the almighty nature, dissipating the traces of light and functionality of the higher self. Unlike Buddhahood, ego-consciousness is an unripe inner element, and its underdevelopment corresponds to one’s spiritual crudity. The faulty human spirituality leads to inhumane thoughts and actions, which subsequently bring all pain and suffering humanity has undergone for countless centuries. That is to say that, for years, like an ill lotus flower, human spirituality has remained unchanged deep within a crust-like mud, and this phenomenon has been the source of human violence, egotism, ignorance, delusion, earthly desires and other sins, the source of mortal suffering.

          To make our situation even more troublesome, now we see people’s spirituality and genuine conscience being purposely trampled underfoot, and the foundations and practices for esoteric development as well as the right to stay true to one’s belief and heart-based thinking are at the very edge of their existence, almost leaving humanity unable to live without selling its souls and evolve spiritually in spite of its desire. We have come to a stage where our higher self is being impeded from its ascension like never before, and we also see a disastrous army of man-made calamities marching from the horizon. 

          We cannot remain indifferent to this situation for the sake of our future and warming love for humanity. We must gather our force and take continuous steps to purify our ego-consciousness and awaken the higher self in mankind to relieve our earthly pains and predicaments and bring peace, freedom, love, compassion, and a pure lifestyle to our society. This is the ultimate mission of our Buddhist temple. 

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