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Agon Shu Practitioner Membership

We welcome Agon Shu Practitioner Membership applications from individuals who meet the following criteria:

  • Genuinely subscribe to Agon Shu Buddhist disciplines and beliefs;

  • Willing to commit to Gedatsu Hosho Gyo (解脱宝生行) Practice;

  • Have attended Sunday Worships five times;

  • Value and have great compassion or seek to possess compassion;

  • Willing to support our temple and help in its events;

  • And have received official approval from our Honourary Priest to begin the Gedatsu Hosho Gyo Practice.

Membership Fee: $14.00 (+HST)
Membership fee is payable with cash or e-Transfer.

To learn about Gedatsu Hosho Gyo Practice, click the button below:

Agon Shu Practitioner Membership Benefits

Members can enjoy the following membership benefits:

  • Receipt of Busshari Houjuson (仏舎利宝珠尊), the small sacred stupa, and respective esoteric items for Gedatsu Hosho Gyo (解脱宝生行) Practice;

  • Eligibility for Advanced Esoteric Buddhist Courses;

  • Eligibility for all Special Prayer Service applications;

  • And discounts on services.

To learn more, visit our temple for more information. 

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