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Memorial Service

We hold Memorial Ceremonies for the deceased in our temple.

Our normal memorial service will comprise a Buddhist memorial ritual executed by our priest and a repast. We also hold collective memorial ceremonies to pray and pay respects to multiple souls in their afterlife.

Why Memorial Ritual?

We offer memorial service not only as a means to honour and pray for the departed souls but also to provide peace, comfort and ease in their life after death.


With our sincere prayers, we believe Buddha and deities will definitely give their merciful helping hand and guide the departed loved ones both in the posthumous realm and in their next lives.

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Service Types

  • Normal Memorial Service

The memorial ceremony will be held for one deceased person. Close friends and family members of the deceased are invited to participate in the ceremony and the repast.

Service Fee At Our Temple

  • Non-Members: $500

  • Members: $400

All applicants have the freedom to choose:

  • The date of service

  • The repast serving

Terms & Conditions:

1. The service cannot be booked within 7 days prior to the requested date. 

2. The applicant assumes all costs and responsibility involved in the order, shipping, payment, and distribution of the serving if the applicant wishes to offer the repast serving of his or her preference.

3. We accept only up to 50 participants at our temple. In case more people are participating, please contact us for details and arrangements.

  • Collective Memorial Service

This is an event held once a year to pray for multiple souls in their afterlife. People who wish their loved ones to be paid respects in this ceremony can write their names in Sotoba which will be placed in the sanctuary during the rite.



per deceased person



per deceased person

If you would like to book a service or ask for details, feel free to contact us!

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