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The Importance of Ancestral Purification

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

The Memorial Lantern Festival in Agon Shu's Main Temple - Kyoto, Japan
The Memorial Lantern Festival in Agon Shu's Main Temple - Kyoto, Japan

When it comes to ancestry, Agon Shu Buddhism is one of the most outstanding schools that approaches ancestry in a highly deliberate and disciplined manner.

Many of Agon Shu Buddhist services involve the pacification of the ancestral souls, and practitioners pay respect to their ancestries on a daily basis. In Agon Shu Buddhism, ancestry is regarded just as important as life and demands sincere dedication alongside Buddha.

Now, why is ancestry so important?

The answer to this question might be intuitively grasped by some, but in order to understand the spiritual mechanisms behind ancestral dedication, one must first understand the idea of genetics and Agon Shu founder’s discoveries on human fate.

Thanks to development in the field of science, it is a fact that all living beings share similar physical and mental traits with their parents and ancestors due to genetic inheritance.

Seiyu Kiriyama, on the other hand, with his clairvoyance and countless divinations, discovered that not only did present people share similar physical and mental similarities with their ancestry but also followed similar fates of their ancestors, including the cause of death. This is when he detected the spiritual DNA present in human souls.

After more spiritual studies, he tracked down the fact that unsaved ancestral souls and their anguish caused unconscious and subconscious influence on human beings and thus mold one’s subconscious settings, behavior, and destiny.

"We would unconsciously follow the same woeful fate our ancestors have lived." - Seiyu Kiriyama

A Hungarian psychoanalyst and psychiatrist named Leopold Szondi also affirmed that “the repressive consciousness of the ancestors determines the fate of the descendants” after his extensive research on the human psyche of ancestors and present people. The psychic connection between ancestry and oneself is therefore close to being clarified in the field of science too.

However, since this is a spiritual matter, Seiyu Kiriyama stated that a scientific approach could not solve this issue.

Note: Subconscious traits and some parts of destiny cannot be traced back in genetic coding of DNA. The spiritual DNA is a completely different concept than that of DNA proteins.

Hopefully, Seiyu Kiriyama also revealed the solution to this problem. He affirmed that by combining the light of liberation of Buddha and one’s wholehearted dedication to ancestry, the unsaved souls can finally be pacified, and he or she can finally have their ancestral karma (tied to aforementioned ancestors) cleansed.

Agon Shu Buddhism believes that although ancestral purification is possible via other spiritual means, it is extremely difficult without Buddha’s divine support and the persuasiveness of Buddhist priests. Burials and memorials of any kind are delightful to deceased souls, but not enough to alleviate their pains and liberate them to higher realms. This is why Agon Shu Buddhist Temple encourages ancestral dedication and is proud to serve the unperceived needs of ancestral purification.

Memorial Lantern Festival in Agon Shu Toronto Buddhist Temple in 2023
Memorial Lantern Festival in Agon Shu Toronto Buddhist Temple in 2023

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