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Prayers to Lost Children

We ought to give warm love to those who needed the most

We show great sorrow and grief toward children who were neither given an opportunity to live on earth nor a single moment of care and love. Thus, we hold a project to pray for those poor souls and we welcome your participation free of charge.


It is a fact that more children are carelessly killed than adults in the world we live in. Yet, almost no one seems to care or show sympathy toward millions of those who were not even given a body or a chance to breathe their first breath.

When those souls who slumber dreaming of living are thrown away from their warm wombs, they are doomed to constant fear, despair, and grief for the rejection from our world. 

In addition, unlike adult spirits, the souls of small children cannot easily go to the spiritual realm of Reikai uncared. Just like children, they require care and love from living individuals to grow until eligible for spiritual realm entry. They will otherwise remain lost in the semi-spiritual realm or etheric realm, affecting the mental health and behaviours of living children. 

Agon mizuko.png

As they sought and still seek their bodies, Mizuko Replica was created by ancient Japanese esoteric Buddhists as a means to give them bodies to relieve them from their traumatic feelings and grant them prayers and love. After continuous rituals full of prayers and love, we believe those children can grow, have their karma cleansed, be guided to the spiritual realm by Buddha, and be born into a happy family in their next lives. 

Our project involves your opportunity to offer prayers and loves to those souls by writing your name on Mizuko Replicas. The replicas will then be offered and prayed in our sanctuary and in the sacred fire rites. 

You are welcome to offer your prayers through Mizuko Replica for free. A donation is optional and will be deeply appreciated. 

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