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Sunday Worship

Ritual & Dharma Talk


Sunday Worship is the most important monthly event in Agon Shu Buddhist Temple since it is the day when we gather to pray to the divine and learn Buddhist teachings through our priest's Dharma Talk.

Not only do we uphold the original teachings of Buddha inscribed in the Agama Sutra but we also hold on to the necessity of prayers and the most mystical form of Buddhist Worship, which is the Sacred Stupa Worship. The Sacred Stupa enshrined in our temple encases the true relics of Buddha, and with the additional rigorous rite conducted by our Grand Master to this monument, this Stupa stands as an ultimate artifact that connects to any higher power, embedded with the Divine Spirit of Buddha and imbued with the omnipotence for karmic liberation and salvation - the absolute light that can finally change fate. For this reason, praying to our Sacred Stupa equates to connecting with Lord Buddha himself and any other deities in existence.

Anyone is welcome to participate in this rare event completely free of charge.

The dates vary. Please check our events or subscribe to our newsletter for more information.

Sunday Worship consists of two parts:


1. Buddhist Prayer Ritual


Experienced member(s) and our Honourary Priest will perform a rare synchronous and collective Esoteric Buddhist rite (with Sacred Buddhist Stupa) to invite the presence of Buddhas and gods to help tend to the sufferings of both the living and the departed and to help purge karma for the welfare of individuals, families, societies, and mankind. With a sincere and earnest spirit of service, join your palms and chant the mantras and sutras aloud with the chanter or focus your mind on the prayers to further enhance our resonance with the higher powers. 


The rite can last from 30 to 40 minutes.


2. Dharma Talk

After the ritual, the monk is going to perform a Dharma Talk. It is a 30 to 40-minute presentation in which he is going to provide rare Buddhist teachings to participants. This talk is given in light of deepening the awareness of Buddhist disciplines and teaching spiritual life lessons from the Agon Shu Buddhist perspective. The contents of the Dharma Talks can be so rare that even a common Buddhist would find them intriguing and inspiring.


During his presentation, you will be provided with an opportunity to ask questions to our priest.

We would like to bring both joy and discipline by providing this session in an entertaining and interactive manner.

Important Notice

  • RSVP is strongly encouraged for both in-person and online participants.

  • It is recommended to arrive 15 minutes before the Buddhist Rite begins.

  • Respect towards our monk, Buddhist deities and religious traditions is fundamental. Not only should you avoid talking aloud but you should also abstain from eating, drinking and using the phone both during the ritual and Dharma Talk. In case of an urgent call, you are allowed to call outside of our Hondo. 

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