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Sunday Worship

Ritual & Dharma Talk

We hold Buddhist Ritual and Dharma Talk performed by our monk, Seiji Hayashi. Anyone is welcome to participate in these sessions completely free of charge.


The dates vary. Please contact us or subscribe to our newsletter for more information.

As the name suggests, this session constitutes of two parts:

  1. Ritual

The monk, and sometimes, some members, will participate in a Buddhist ritual. During this period, either monk or other participant is going to chant mantras and sutras aloud to pray, merge the surroundings and participants into the mighty vibration of Buddha and resonate with Buddha and other Buddhist deities. 

During the rite, you are welcome to pray together. You can simply focus your consciousness on your sincerest prayers or also chant the mantras and sutras along with respective mudras to further enhance our resonance.

    2. Dharma Talk

After the ritual, the monk is going to perform a Dharma Talk. It is a 30 to 40 minutes presentation in which he is going to provide Buddhist teachings to participants. This talk is given in light of deepening the awareness of Buddhist disciplines and Buddhist spiritual science and teaching spiritual life lessons from a Buddhist perspective. 

During his presentation, you will be provided with an opportunity to ask questions to our priest. 

We would like to bring both joy and discipline by providing this session in an entertaining and interactive manner.

Important Notice

Respect towards our monk, Buddhist deities and religious traditions is fundamental. Not only should you avoid talking aloud but you should also abstain from eating, drinking and using the phone both during the ritual and Dharma Talk. In case of an urgent call, you are allowed to call outside of our Hondo. 

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