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The Sacred Fire Project

"We must gather forces for spiritual warfare against the ultimate root of our crisis." -Seiji Hayashi

Agon Shu Buddhist Temple dedicates to the Sacred Fire Project. This project is committed to purifying the world's karma through the esoteric Goma fire technique in light of minimizing the ongoing and forthcoming threats against humanity, allowing human life and dignity to last longer on earth, and soothing the life of future survivors


Karma has always been lurking in humanity because mankind has always relied on the foundation of survival: self-love or ego; to live on earth. As long as the ego remains unchanged, karma will always be generated in our lives.

This spiritual force known as karma is commonly recognized as the revolving inertial force of one's action. Yet, it must be clear that karma also stems from the grudge of those who were affected by the selfish action of others.

This foul energy of karma expands over the land like a ring of water and deeply affects and controls individuals' subconscious settings and collective consciousness. This implies the fact that karma controls everyone's unconscious actions and behaviours in a gear-like manner. Despite people's belief in freedom of choice and action in life, every single action and circumstance: from when and where someone is born, which action someone will take at exact moments to where, when and how someone dies; is all predetermined by karma. This is the frightening truth about fate. 

As such, people, society, and the world move as the giant karma pleases. But, this truth remains unrecognized by many. 

In recent years, we have witnessed countless calamities unfolding across the world as the result of the rebounding effects of the karma humanity has accumulated over the centuries. The gravity of our current and upcoming crisis is the worst in history, and we see human livelihood and survival endangered in the largest scale. 

Karma, the ultimate root of our calamities, must be acknowledged and cleansed as our crisis cannot be otherwise overcome, and our future generations will otherwise repeat the same history we have witnessed so far.

The secret esoteric methods of karmic liberation are inscribed in the Sutras of Agama. And, our Sacred Fire Rites embraces the exact written methods in practice. 

We can win this spiritual warfare together.

The Sacred Fire Project regards the performance of the Sacred Fire Ceremonies across Toronto. Through this project, we seek to minimize the concurring and upcoming threats against mankind and bring tranquility to future society. We also hope to transcend ego-consciousness and awaken individuals to Buddhahood or "higher self" through this endeavour. 

For this to happen, we need your help.

Why we need your support

Since this ritual performance is prohibited on our property, we need to lend a place or be asked to perform on the property of the requester. Either to move our religious materials or to lend a property, funds are indispensable. 

If you would like to make a donation, please visit our temple or donate via e-transfer.

Let's Collaborate!

Cleansing karma is our aspiration, and if so is yours, we shall collaborate. Both our temple and you will raise funds to cover the costs, and we will perform a sacred fire ritual at the given address.

Below are the following requirements to be eligible for collaboration:

  • You reside in or own a property in Toronto Ontario. 

  • A place where the use of fire is safe and legal is available on your property.

  • A preparation room with space and a washroom are available on your property.

  • Parking for two or more vehicles is possible on or near your property.

  • You are willing and able to help us on the ritual date.

If we both agree to collaborate, we will schedule a day and time to go to your given address and prepare and perform our Sacred Fire Rite with your support and a few members of our Temple. Through our sacred ritual, we hope to not only liberate karma but also purify your land and bring the light of peace, calmness, prosperity, and fortune to you, your family, and your property. 

Come visit our temple to start our collaboration!

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