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Tokko No Kaji

The spiritual blessing for
body, mind, and soul

We offer Tokko No Kaji at our temple. It is a spiritual healing technique that cleanses receivers of their etheric impurities to improve or maintain their spiritual, mental, and physical health.


Tokko no Kaji is an Esoteric Buddhist healing session aimed at purifying the mind, body and soul from etheric impurities in order to optimize one's mental and physical health.

The healing is based on the concept that physical and mental health are primarily based on spiritual health. In Buddhism, every aspect of life has a correlation with the spiritual realm. Thus, it is unquestionable that spiritual measures hold great importance in solving life issues including physical and mental illness.

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In the spiritual realm, one of the greatest influences on health and mental conditions is the etheric impurity.

The etheric impurity or “enervating murk” are known as Jaki (邪気) or Reishou (霊障) in Japanese. It is a transmissible and supersensible dark energy originating from negative thoughts and emotions produced by beings either dead or alive, and it takes presence over territory, objects, and living beings.


To be more specific to the human realm, not only do we generate etheric impurity but we also receive and accumulate it in our bodies from our unsaved ancestors, surroundings, nearby spiritual entities, and social and physical interactions. Upon accumulation, one’s spiritual health deteriorates, causing deficiency in our physical and mental health. This can consequently leave one more susceptible to illnesses and disease, and it can even distort one’s behaviour, thinking, emotions and mental well-being.

What is Etheric Impurity?

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Many fields of science and even some spiritual communities are unaware of this fact, much less the solution to this issue.

Tokko No Kaji, however, is currently the most efficient and safest method of healing that cleanses one's accumulated etheric impurities.

After Tokko No Kaji, many recipients have experienced a number of benefits such as:


  • Deep Relaxation & Good Sleep

  • Alleviation of Body Heaviness

  • Boosted Energy Levels

  • Speeding of Natural Healing Process

  • A Sense of Inner Calm, Serenity, and Compassion

  • Clearer and Positive Mind and Thoughts

  • Less Tiredness

  • Reduced Stress & Anxiety

If you would like to receive this blessing, feel free to book an appointment!

Standard Plan

  • Service Fee: $15.00 / person

Premium Tokko Plan

  • One-time Payment: $150.00

  • Coverage: 1 Full-Year

  • Unlimited Tokko no Kaji Sessions

  • Free sessions to friends and family during the covered period

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