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Busshari Houjuson - The Sacred Buddhist Stupa

Updated: Sep 24, 2023

Buddhist Sanctuary of Agon Shu Toronto Buddhist Temple. The silver monument in the top-middle is the Sacred Buddhist Stupa
Buddhist Sanctuary of Agon Shu Toronto Temple

As a means to worship Buddha, we, Agon Shu Buddhist Temple, offer our faithful devotion towards Busshari Houjuson, the Sacred Buddhist Stupa. It is a divine monument or votive offering which embodies the relics of Buddha and thus is endowed with the almighty spirit of Buddha.

A Follower of Buddha praying to the first Sacred Buddhist Stupa
Illustration of The First Buddhist Stupa

In Ancient India, after the departure of Sidharta Gautama from his earthly life to Nirvana, his followers encased his relics inside a hemispherical monument known as Stupa and started to devote themselves to it. According to legends, this Stupa has begun to shine lights of grace and brought glorious miracles onto the land where the Stupa was enshrined. As a result, this legend spread across the land of India, and the devotion toward Stupa became the primary practice of Buddhism in the surrounding territories. Since then, many Buddhist practitioners have regarded Stupa as a “living Buddha” for its virtuous might.

By worshipping and reverencing Busshari Houjuson (the Sacred Stupa) in an esoteric method, from the heavens descends the enlightenment of Buddha, and upon us shines the transcendent light of grace. As the light blazes, the infernal flames take the shape of aiding flowers, and soon the hell blooms itself into a charming garden. Moreover, the light brings people’s wishes to being, purges every source of our woes and earthly desires, and most importantly, illuminates our path towards enlightenment and the great awakening of our Buddhahood or "higher self." This explains our devotion to the Sacred Stupa.

In Agon Shu Canada Buddhist Temple, Busshari Houjuson, the Sacred Stupa, is enshrined in our sanctuary and is available for your faithful worship. We heartfully welcome your visit to the temple.

Gedatsu Hosho Gyo Practice 解脱宝生行

A little Buddhist Stupa of Agon Shu Temple. Agon Shu Buddhist Practitioners have given their own stupas for daily worship at home.
Photo of A Small Sacred Stupa distributed to Agon Shu Members

Gedatsu Hosho Gyo Practice refers to the advanced Buddhist esoteric practice aimed at elevating the practitioner's spirituality by following the Dharma (Buddhist instructions and discipline) given in the Agama sutra (the scriptures that reveal the original teachings of Buddha). Practitioners will be given their own stupas for daily worship at home and shall continue to take advanced Buddhist esoteric courses for further esoteric learning and training. Gedatsu Hosho Gyo practice grants practitioners ease in spiritual development. This is because, through this practice, one can slowly cleanse the obstacles that impede his or her spiritual evolution which includes personal and ancestral karma, karmic conditions, etheric impurities, and earthly desires. Yet, it must be clear that only the path towards enlightenment is facilitated while it is the duty of every practitioner to walk up the path. This is to say that not only must one practice self-correction, selflessness, conscience, and compassion, but also practice unintentional virtuous deeds in daily life without the slightest desire for compensation. Through this humble practice, we believe and hope practitioners can have their misfortunes eluded, have a longer life, and have soothing life after death under the protection and guidance of our Lord Buddha and other deities.

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