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In this world full of unrighteousness, heartlessness, oppression, and materialism, our crisis must be overcome. Yet, under karmic influences, human force alone serves none.
Spiritual means are necessary:
We must set our higher selves free from karma and ego if a brighter future is what we aspire to come.

About Our Temple in Toronto, Canada

Agon Shu Canada Buddhist Association is the Buddhist Temple in Toronto where the Sacred Stupa, with true Buddha's relics, is enshrined and the authentic teachings of Buddha are taught.

Just like Nichiren and Zen Buddhism, Agon Shu Buddhism is classified as Japanese Buddhism. However, the difference between Agon Shu Buddhism and other schools is that we proactively engage in individual and social karmic purification, spiritual pacification of deceased souls, and strong prayers through the combination of ancient esoteric techniques and the Relics of Buddha (the Sacred Stupa).

We offer Buddhist courses including Buddhist meditation and mantras & mudras, and a variety of services such as gomagi prayer sticks, special prayers, Tokko No Kaji (Spiritual Body Purification), and house exorcism.
Sanctuary Photo of Agon Shu Toronto Buddhist Temple
Agon Shu's Mission to awaken the higher self in humankind to bring peace and harmony on both personal and social levels.

Our Mission

Our mission is to awaken the higher self in humankind to bring peace and harmony on both personal and social levels.

About Us

Agon Shu's Main Temple - Kyoto, Japan

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Agon Shu is a Buddhist organization that embraces the authentic teachings of Buddha as presented in the Agama sutras. 


These sutras uncover the secret methods of awakening Buddhahood or higher self. According to the sutras, through the vigorous practice of given Dharma, one shall not only be liberated from his or her karmic conditions and worldly attachments but also be granted the freedom to change his or her predetermined trails of destiny.


Seiyu Kiriyama has committed his life to studying and practicing Agama disciplines and founded Agon Shu in 1978 in Kyoto, Japan, to propagate Buddha’s genuine words of wisdom and give people access to practice Dharma. 

Agon Shu Buddhism's emphases
Agon Shu's four primary emphases are

The purification of personal karma and karmic conditions

The nurture of spiritual family tree

The cleansing of the collective negative consciousness and karma of land

The use of the sacred fire for given goals

Image inside Agon Shu Buddhist Temple's sanctuary

Agon Shu Canada Buddhist Association is the only temple branch in North America and heartfully welcomes your visit.

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About Our Holiness Seiyu Kiriyama

In the midst of great crisis and despair, Seiyu Kiriyama became a practicing Buddhist under the guidance of the Juntei Kannon. Later, in search of ways of liberation from karmic causes and conditions, he walked the path of the seeker, moving from early Mahayana rituals to the esoteric Tantric practices of the late Mahayana, until at long last he discovered, in the Agama sutras, that are the sole original scriptures conveyed by the Buddha himself, the Method for the attainment of Buddhahood he had been searching for. This great teacher who practiced and mastered this method on his own led the followers of Agon Shu in its practice while continuing to pray for world peace and perform fire rites throughout the world.

Holiness Seiyu Kiriyama, the founder of Agon Shu Buddhism

Contact Us


18 Wyndford Drive, Suite 608 Toronto, ON, Canada M3C 3S2


(416) 922-1272

Opening Hours

10:00 am – 4:00 pm

Wed - Sun


Mon - Tue


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